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Our vision is that every man has the chance to succeed at parenting.

It’s our mission to resource men to be empowered, positive role models. 

Generation after generation, dads are becoming more engaged with parenting. Despite this, they can often feel under-resourced and isolated. It's not surprising, having children is the hardest job in the world. That’s why at This Dad Can we resource Men to be the Dad's they want to be. 

We’re passionate about resourcing dads and individuals in father roles. Whether they're a blood father, an uncle which has stepped into shoulder responsibility, or a carer. As an advocate for dads and father figures, we're a proud supporter of international men's day (19th Nov).

We know families feel greater empowerment when Dads are resourced to respond rather than react. By supporting fathers it leads to positive outcomes relating to health, finance and education for all. 

Time can become scarce when managing the various priorities as a parent. We particularly like Drayton Bird in Bounds, A. (2010) The Jelly Effect quote, which highlights the value of not going it alone and tapping into the collective experience of others:

"‘Most people waste half their lives guessing what will work. They try, fail, and squander time and money for years making it up as they go along. Why guess when you can know from someone who’s done it all before? ‘I can spend a day reading a book, do exactly what it tells me, and get it right first time. That’s why I’m lazy. I’d rather do one day’s good work than twenty years of bad.’" 

From the day they discover they're pregnant, through to grown-up children, we're here for the dads. So, whether it's learning to change a nappy or discussing university we've got it covered. We ensure dads can access our resources at a time of their choosing, by being online 24/7, 365 days a year.

At thisdadcan.co.uk dads can find Parenting Courses, guidance on financial support and tools to make parenting easier. We have active Forums, Social Media prescence and Blogger Community. In addition to our online resources, we're local. We run Dads Day Out, Dad Hour, Bespoke Packages, Local Pages and Groups.

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