5 Reasons Why Dads Need to Spend Time with Their Mates

5 Reasons Why Dads Need to Spend Time with Their Mates. Being a dad is quite special and no matter how hard, scary and exhausting it can be from time to time, it’s still the essence of life and the best thing that could’ve happened to you. However, although you love your child to death, Read more about 5 Reasons Why Dads Need to Spend Time with Their Mates[…]

Give mum Saturday morning off

Give mum Saturday morning off. If you’re in the North West, this isn’t to be missed. Start the weekend by giving mum some time off and treating yourself to a Full English. Have some quality time with your child and meet other local dads. Dad Hour is a time to meet new dads, socialise and Read more about Give mum Saturday morning off[…]

Never miss a Birthday

Never miss a Birthday. We’re looking forward to your kid’s birthday and we want you too. It’s a time to celebrate them and recognise what an awesome contribution you’ve made. So why not enjoy the process more with This Dad Can. Ever been in the situation where you clock a birthday last minute, then rushing Read more about Never miss a Birthday[…]

Get a grip

Get a grip. Prepare strategies with This Dad Can. Whether it’s the weekly shop or planning larger purchases for a newborn, using our to-do list tool helps you to conceptualise your priorities. It can profoundly change your spending habits and save you money and time. You may have less time on your hands, but don’t Read more about Get a grip[…]

Fathering The Fatherless

Fathering the fatherless. When men turn 40, it is traditional to have a midlife crisis. Some men start going to the gym and wearing age inappropriate clothes.  Others get gripped by a malaise and a mourning for their lost youth. I decided to become a foster carer. More accurately, my wife suggested we explore the Read more about Fathering The Fatherless[…]

Our Courses

Our Courses. Save time and money by learning from the experience of others and prepare strategies with This Dad Can Courses. Our short digestible courses are on all things parenting. Focusing on five key themes- Supporting mum, communication, practical changes, happy parenting and what fathering means to you. So, whether you need to get to Read more about Our Courses[…]

Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities. Conkers September and October are prime conker time and a great reason to go on an awesome autumn walk. Conker collecting is a fantastic after school activity and I for one have very fond memories of scouring my local park for a perfectly ripe (and preferably huge) conker. If you’re new to your Read more about Autumn Activities[…]

Join our Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group. The This Dad Can Facebook group is super active and hilarious. We’re regularly chatting, sharing the latest advice and at the receiving end of a bit of banter. It’s a place to get the latest updates, hear about our events and enter competitions. Anyone can join the group, we aren’t exclusive. Read more about Join our Facebook Group[…]

Right here, right now

Right here, right now So last minute, as per usual, I confirm that I’ll attend the launch of ‘This Dad Can’, more out of curiosity than anything else. I’d heard a little about it, and I guess I now wanted to hear more so that I could get my head around it a bit more. Read more about Right here, right now[…]

Fathers Day – The Value of Dad

Fathers Day – The Value of Dad We want to recognise the fantastic contribution of all the Dads this Fathers Day. So, we’re rewarding the first twenty This Dad Can forum contributors, with four months free premium membership when the content goes live. All entrants are required to register for a This Dad Can (TDC) account. Read more about Fathers Day – The Value of Dad[…]