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Save time and money by learning from the experience of others, prepare strategies with This Dad Can. Our short digestible courses are on all things parenting. Focusing on five key themes- Supporting mum, communication, practical changes, happy parenting and what fathering means to you. 

Local Ads

Don't miss out on things taking place in your community. Hear about local events,  find local services and discover new products on This Dad Can Local.

Tailored to you

If you're trying to navigate where to turn next, how to overcome a challenge, or just need someone to high five, we're here. This Dad Can provides bespoke services. 

Dad Hacks

Becoming a parent is pretty full on, let alone juggling the pressure of limited finances and time. Enjoy the process more with This Dad Can. 
Our Dad Hacks mean one less thing to worry about. Not your usual dad hacks, these save you time and money. 


Meet new dads, socialise and exchange stories of vomit, poo and sleep deprivation. Whether you prefer in a cafe over a full english or on a mountain bike, we've got it covered.

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Show you care and set him up well with a thisdadcan.co.uk membership gift voucher.

We're awake

We're online for a reason. So you have the flexibility to access our resources, at a time convenient to you. One of the big changes many parents face, is becoming time poor. We know you want to access thisdadcan.co.uk when on the 10-minute train journey into work, at 2 am in the morning or that 5 minutes of bliss sitting on the loo, when the kids are causing mayhem unsupervised downstairs.


Enjoy the process more by tapping into our community of like-minded Dads. At This Dad Can we think it’s important to create a space for Dads to come together, give themselves a high five and share the awesome highs and lows of being Dad.


Wish you had been told a certain tip, have something worth sharing or already have a blog? Our blog is a blogger’s community. The purpose here is to help NEW or existing dad bloggers extend to new audience bases, share their experience and most importantly, give something back. Learn from the experience of others with This Dad Can.


This one is for the employers. Attract and retain staff by standing out from the crowd. Parent Friendly is a standard for parent-friendly people management, offering accreditation to organisations that adhere to the Parent Friendly Standard.  

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