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Breastfeeding mum? Here's a gift idea for her.

I started my business Boobie Beads when I was breastfeeding my third daughter Sophia. At five months old while feeding, she would pull my hair and scratch my chest. I needed something she could hold onto and play with, instead of me! I asked my Mum for one of her necklaces and she gave me a big chunky one, with different sized beads. Sophia instantly began playing with it, in between feeding. She stopped pulling my hair and scratching, instant hit! I had a ‘lightbulb’ idea and decided to make my idea into a business. The name Boobie Beads was easy; I wanted something different and a name that would be hard to forget! There is a massive stigma over breastfeeding, so my business name is about celebrating the women who choose to breastfeed.

I researched for months before, I made an order for silicone beads. The day they arrived, I opened the box with my three daughters and I felt overcome with excitement. This was a great day for me, as it was the start of something I was incredibly passionate about. I sent my beads off to be safety tested by a company in the UK. Safety and babies is a must (I tie an extra knot on all of my necklaces for extra safety). Boobie Beads passed the test and have been certified as suitable for teething babies, can be sterilised and are toxin free. I set up all the appropriate social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and started posting pictures of my necklaces in use. I started receiving orders. I couldn’t believe the feeling it was overwhelming. I set up my own e-commerce website, which was easier for customers, as they could now buy at the click of a button. Previously I had ten different chats open, talking to different people who wanted to make an order. Sometimes it was hard keeping track, of who ordered the red and who ordered the pink! So the website was a must. I continued to upload pictures, connecting to breastfeeding groups online and really putting every second I had into my business.

After a few months on social media, I started attending mother and baby stalls, selling my products. I had zero confidence, so would ask my sister Emily to come with me. At the beginning, I didn’t feel confident enough to talk to anyone face to face about Boobie Beads and I knew this was an area I needed to work on. So as the weeks and months passed, Emily would help me less and less, until I was standing in my local hospital on a stall by myself, talking to everyone who came over. Emily really helped me overcome my fears of selling my products and made me believe in myself, so I really thank her for that.

Two years on, I have a big following on social media, I have met so many nice people and friends through my business. My confidence is amazing, compared to when I started. I've learnt so much, I took a night school bookkeeping course, so I could produce my own books for my accountant. Independent shops now contact me for wholesale orders in the UK and in Europe. Getting into stores has been a massive step and I will continue to keep pushing and achieving more sales and reaching a bigger audience. I am extremely proud of myself for achieving what I have, whilst being mum to my girls. Boobie Beads is a small business, with a big heart and I have big plans for the future.

Boobie Beads are a great sensory tool used to help babies focus while nursing. They help to keep little fingers busy and out of mum’s hair.  Dads can also get involved with our products, as baby will go for a necklace regardless of whether mum or dad has it. Holding the baby on your hip and they go for your moustache? Feeding with expressed milk, Boobie Beads to the rescue! They are great for grandparents too.

Safety tested in the UK, have peace of mind knowing the beads are soft for babies, emerging gums and contain no toxins. They come in a variety of styles and we can custom make a design to your taste. Our necklaces are a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any special occasion. Safe and stylish, reasonably priced, you can’t go wrong with Boobie Beads!

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