Guidance on This Dad Can Local

Find out how to maximise your odds of creating a killer ad

We’re here to connect people. Here’s some useful guidance to maximise your odds of creating a killer ad.

Make your photos clear, accurate and clean. We’ll ask you to take them down if they’re inappropriate or poor quality. Or if they misleading about what you’re advertising. For example, posting a picture of an event that isn’t yours.

You can add multiple images to you ad. However, do be patient ad image uploading takes time. Add multiple images and select one to be the featured image. Include relevant ad text by adding image titles and description which will be displayed with the ad.

Title Length. Is your title formatting bad on mobile? We advise title lengths between 5 and 26 characters long (including spaces).

Select the most relevant category.This will give you the best exposure and keep our site clean and tidy. If multiple categories apply, use them. But don’t get trigger happy.

English language only. And keep it clean.

One ad per item, and one item per ad. Let’s keep it really simple and clear, don't post duplicate ads.

Showcase the best bits of YOUR item, not our brand. We don’t endorse or support ads.

Ensure people can contact you. When creating your ad, you will need to provide a contact name and email address. The contact name will be visible to the general public. People can contact you via the contact form which is automatically generated to accompany your ad. When information is entered into the contact form an email will be sent to YOUR designated email address (This Dad Can servers will also be CC’d into the initial enquiry). All ads must end with the sentence: For more info or for an informal chat please use the contact form below.

No contact details in titles or descriptions. Our integrated contact form makes it really easy to quantify the value of advertising on This Dad Can Local. It creates a breadcrumb trail, so you can quickly see what interest has come from advertising on the site. Please add contact information to the right fields only. That way you’ll also have more room to describe what you’re promoting. 

Only advertise it, if you have it. Wait until you have it before you try to advertise it, like with pre-ordered clothing.

No spam. This includes ad spam and keyword spamming in ads. We want the site to make sense and be relevant.

Make it personal. When reviewing your ad, you may notice an unusual gravatar accompanying your I.D. (someone else’s image). This sometimes happens if you are using a shared computer. In these cases, you may need to log out of and register your own gravatar. Otherwise, all contact form submissions for your ad will go to someone else’s email address.

No ‘inappropriate’ items. You can check out the list here.

All ads are moderated. If your ad is approved, it will be marked as published and visible on If your ad needs refinement, we will get in touch with you to let you know about changes.

And finally: if you’ve sold it or the events past, take the ad down (and get posting something else).

For those who like to be rebellious
We remove their ads, and we’ll send them an email to let them know why. If they carry on, we might not refund them for payments they’ve made.

If you would like to define the start date/time of your ad or have any queries regarding This Dad Can Local, do let us know via the contact form.

The rules listed above may be changed or amended at any time. These guidelines are here to give you a legitimate expectation of how Local works, but they don't bind us.