Join our Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group.

The This Dad Can Facebook group is super active and hilarious. We’re regularly chatting, sharing the latest advice and at the receiving end of a bit of banter. It’s a place to get the latest updates, hear about our events and enter competitions.

Anyone can join the group, we aren’t exclusive. You just have to adhere to the rules (i.e don’t become Sgt Spamalot, as no one likes bland canned meat).

How to join

Head over to our Facebook Group, request to join and get commenting. We check new member requests within Facebook regularly but feel free to give us a kick up the arse, if we’re not prompter than prompt.

If you’re already using the group, share it with your friends too. We’re keen to resource as many dads as possible and let the good times flow.

Whether you need a quick dad hack or are in need of a good night sleep, join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

We've also got Facebook groups in most counties, but need people to get the conversation going. If you're passionate about connecting with other dads online, find your local group here and start posting.

You can find a local group here.

This Dad Can equip's men for the challenge of their life- fatherhood. Why stumble your way through the most important role in your life, when you could learn from the experience of others and enjoy the process more. Invest in your family, prepare strategies and improve your resources with This Dad Can.

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This Dad Can

Jon’s the father of two, married for seven years and the Founder & Director of This Dad Can.

He's passionate about health & sport, community action, and personal development. These passions have integrally influenced his character into the man he is today.

This Dad Can resources men, to be the dads they want to be. Covering topics such as happy parenting, communication, supporting mom and practical changes. From short courses to bespoke packages, dads can find us at

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