Never miss a Birthday

Never miss a Birthday.

We’re looking forward to your kid’s birthday and we want you too. It’s a time to celebrate them and recognise what an awesome contribution you’ve made. So why not enjoy the process more with This Dad Can.

Ever been in the situation where you clock a birthday last minute, then rushing around so they at least get something? Well no more!

Plan your child's birthday with ease. Here at This Dad Can we provide handy reminders seven and thirty days before your child’s birthday. Prepare strategies with This Dad Can.

With useful party activities and to-do lists we make planning your child's birthday effortless.

To receive handy birthday notifications just signup for a This Dad Can account. You can register up to four celebrations. Don’t worry we already have the obvious ones covered – Mother’s Day, Christmas.

This Dad Can equips men for the challenge of their life- fatherhood. Why stumble your way through the most important role in your life, when you could learn from the experience of others and enjoy the process more. Invest in your family, prepare strategies and improve your resources with This Dad Can.


This Dad Can

Jon’s the father of two, married for seven years and the Founder & Director of This Dad Can.

He's passionate about health & sport, community action, and personal development. These passions have integrally influenced his character into the man he is today.

This Dad Can resources men, to be the dads they want to be. Covering topics such as happy parenting, communication, supporting mom and practical changes. From short courses to bespoke packages, dads can find us at

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