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We are a team of professionals supporting fathers to help them sleep better, save money and support their families.

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Registering with This Dad Can you gain:
  • Save yourself valuable time and money by avoiding common parenting mistakes. Gain insight from the experience of others. What's important to prioritise, what can be adapted and what to avoid. Identify where to save and where to invest.

  • Less time shopping, more time spent with the family. Tired of marching around what feels like another baby fair, attending baby massarge and another antenatal session? We're right here, online, accessible when you need us most.

  • See your children grow up and have no regrets. If you want to give your best, you've got to be your best. This isn't the time to wing it, be strategic and better resourced.

  • Have a more balanced lifestyle. Less conflict and more peaceful home. Less striving at work and more strategic focus. A family and partner that feels supported and values you. These things don't happen by chance.


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