Our Courses

Our Courses.

Save time and money by learning from the experience of others and prepare strategies with This Dad Can Courses. Our short digestible courses are on all things parenting. Focusing on five key themes- Supporting mum, communication, practical changes, happy parenting and what fathering means to you.

So, whether you need to get to grips with nappy changing or are trying to combat tantrums, learn from those who have faced those challenges and save yourself time.

The digestible courses are made up of short videos and questions which provoke planning. Learn from the wealth of other dads experience, whilst also having the opportunity to unpack what it means for you.

They’re deliberately bite-sized so you can complete them during your commute or on a lunch break.

In the courses, you’ll grapple with some meaty topics. The more you can engage with these topics over time, the more familiar they will be when they crop up in your own parenting.

Answers to the course questions are private and are consolidated on a dashboard that you can refer back to, when in the thick of it.

Our short courses are included in our Paid Plans. To access them free, sign up for a free month on our Monthly or Annual Plans today. Already on a paid plan? Click courses to dive right in.

This Dad Can equip's men for the challenge of their life- fatherhood. Why stumble your way through the most important role in your life, when you could learn from the experience of others and enjoy the process more. Invest in your family, prepare strategies and improve your resources with This Dad Can.

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This Dad Can

Jon’s the father of two, married for seven years and the Founder & Director of This Dad Can.

He's passionate about health & sport, community action, and personal development. These passions have integrally influenced his character into the man he is today.

This Dad Can resources men, to be the dads they want to be. Covering topics such as happy parenting, communication, supporting mom and practical changes. From short courses to bespoke packages, dads can find us at thisdadcan.co.uk

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